About HyperX Trading​

established in 2020​

HyperX is the result of almost 2 decades of research and development into the general problem of profitable trading. During the past 13 months, an intensive Ninja Trader based development has become usable, which represents the distillation of a dream that during any trading day, a day trader can win.

Achieving this goal of “Winning during any Market Conditions” is an almost unachievable goal. The full spectrum of Day Trading elements from Analytics in Real Time, through to Semi-Automated Triggered Order Entry needed to be developed, in order to offer hope that this goal could actually be achieved.

A lot of “blood, sweat and tears” went into the software we use internally to achieve this goal; and only if you are Highly Qualified, could you also be allowed to use some of this underlying software..

If you are a Futures Day Trader in the Nasdaq Market, and have an interest in this idea; email hyperscalper@protonmail.com with your questions.

We look forward to your stay on this website; once it is actually built !!! 🙂



To win in the Nasdaq Futures Market at any time during the regular, or after hours sessions, regardless of the activity levels of the market..


The Nasdaq market can be beaten; which is a goal that has forced us to develop technologies no other trader has even thought about….


  • Technical Analytics are the key
  • Precison of execution follows Analysis
  • Perfection is a goal we strive toward