private trading operation

Private Trading in the Nasdaq Futures Market is undertaken by HyperX Trading LLC which uses fully custom software hosted within NinjaTrader ™. Software and support *might* be offered, but only to a Highly Qualified Trader. The definition of a Highly Qualified trader will be covered elsewhere, but if you are not able to meet those qualifications, then we apologize for not being able to share with you the full range of possibilities, for your own trading.

consultancy and software for Ninja traders

Our technology is actually based upon Ninja Trader 8, as one of the base components; but there is much much more you would need to agree to, before even being considered as a consultancy client. Just a very few, for example, is the willingness to maintain a Fully Dedicated Windows Server colocated near the Futures Exchanges in Chicago. Such a colocation can be purchased for $200 per month for an unmanaged server, which you would need to setup and manage, of course. Willingness to purchase a license to Ninja Trader 8, and to learn all relevant aspects of its usage. Willingness to work with the LeeLoo Trading service, which provides a full Rithmic incoming Market feed, plus Depth of Market and provides for your qualification as a paid trader, which will give you the Buying Power as you advanced in your capabilities. At your home office, willingness to maintain a high end workstation with at least 3 large displays, from which you would direct the software. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the willingness to work extremely hard to hone your skills to Day Trade the Nasdaq Futures contract, which trades during the normal U.S. trading session.

Software development mentoring

Mentoring for coding in Advanced C# using Microsoft’s Visual Studio, and also Ninja Trader’s NinjaScript for development. This is optional, but unless you have these capabilities, you may not be able to achieve at the very highest levels..

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning “How to Trade” and What’s required

Can you help me learn to trade?

There is NO “learning to trade”; there is only mastery of very specific “niches” and we specialize in the Nasdaq futures market with Day Trading and Scalping only, using Highly Complex technical analysis and computer-assisted Order Entry..

how much money can i make daily?

You will need to spend money, in order to get into a position to make daily profits; but, as a business, this is a relatively low capital requirement, high return, moderate risk business. Daily profit potential can virtually be guaranteed; but you will need to be in the top 0.5% in order to achieve absolute daily consistency. Saying you can make $100 / day is a fairly easy goal (subject to strict qualification), and you can likely achieve that. But the real money is going to require much higher skill levels.

how can I qualify for advanced consultation?

An interview is required; with the expectation that you will not be able to qualify. email to request a phone interview, and free 30 minute discussion..

should i pursue a career in trading?

NO. Having said that, you may be among the 2% of Traders who has what it takes; and a free interview would help to determine that.

do you make a lot of money trading?

More than a year of continuous work; and more than a decade before that; our software and approach have been developed, and then frustratingly re-developed. Yes, now we are just beginning to ramp up the revenue, but are only getting started leveraging the power of the full suite of software, and software development continues despite the transition into “production”. Daily profits can be achieved; and we’ll discuss how much profit you’re looking for, and whether/how those goals can be achieved in Day Trading of the Nasdaq futures, IF you qualify and agree.